Sophie’s 4th Birthday Party – Fun at the stables

Sunday morning we woke to overcast weather and the threat of rain in the distant hills, but thankfully it held off for Sophie’s 4th Birthday Party in the afternoon. She turns four on Boxing Day, but we decided to throw the party a little earlier this year and it was a lovely, relaxed celebration. Our pony loving girl was delighted to meet up with her friends at the stables and share the joy of riding with them. She is well known at the stables and they had a little pressie waiting for her, which was so very kind.

Swapping pony stories

Very excited Latest horse riding fashion Sophie and Alicia all saddled up

The two ponies, Bella and Duchess, were looking very Christmassy with tinsel adorning their manes and tails. It was great having a couple of adults who knew what they were doing around horses and helped out leading the ponies around the arena. Sophie and her friend, Edie, both had a fun trot and giggled as their helmets kept falling over their eyes! All the children were so good and patiently waited their turn, whilst watching the others with great interest.

Sophie on Bella

After the pony rides the children had a play by the stream with bubbles, wind-mills and balloons. It was fun to see some of the adults having a go with the long, modeling balloons (Mark and Craig in particular!) and there were some interesting creations! I painted a few faces and it was so cute seeing Sophie and her friend Alicia giggling together as cheeky butterflies.

Alicia and Sophie

Fun by the stream Face painting Bubble fun

Afternoon tea was welcomed by all and the children left plenty of food for the adults, with the giant sausage rolls going down a treat. There were fruit kebabs, mini-spring rolls and ginger-bread men. The latter were brought out a little later and the children went very quiet when they arrived on the table! We took a break from eating before the cake. The children played pass the parcel – always a game of strategy and politics! Quite a few of the younger ones didn’t understand the concept and just tucked into opening the parcel whenever it was in their hands (regardless of whether or not the music was playing). It’s always an entertaining game to ‘manage’ and make sure everyone gets a turn.

By the time we’d finished the game playing we were really ready for the cake. Sophie had a huge grin on her face listening to everyone sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to her and loved blowing out the pony candles on the most delicious chocolate cake. The Saddleback Cafe really did a marvelous job. There was plenty of cake for everyone and some left over too, mmmmmm…

Pre-cake song and excited anticipation

Cake is coming! Blowing out the candles Cutting the cake

Thoroughly ‘sugared-up’ adults and children alike were ready for more fresh air. The cafe kindly gave us some meat scraps to feed the huge eels in the stream and this kept the children VERY entertained!

Feeding the eels

We all had such a fabulous afternoon and we are so thankful to everyone that came and helped to make Sophie’s Birthday celebration so much fun. We’re looking forward to a quiet, family celebration of her actual ‘turning 4’ on Boxing Day. Sophie is really set on going ten-pin bowling and, of course, eating more cake!

When I asked her what the best thing about her Birthday was she said, ‘The cake!’

Charli said, ‘Helping Mummy, the bubbles by the stream, feeding the eels and watching everyone on the horses.’

Here it is – the video! Ponies, eels, balloons, bubbles and lots of cake…

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