Busy feet

I really marvel at myself on days like today. Dan was busy hosting a function at the office tonight, so it’s been a looooooong day with the girls. They woke at 8.30am, which was great, but they didn’t get to sleep till 9ish – so I’ve been on my feet, running laps around the house and garden, for too many hours to count. It feels so good to finally prop them up and give my finger’s a workout on the laptop instead.

This morning saw me doing a quick hoover and bathroom clean in preparation for a play-date – I got a little side-tracked with scuffs and marks on the walls and ending up scrubbing half of the house (Grandma and Granddad arrive in a week’s time and though they’d tell me off for being so pedantic I really can’t help myself – suspect the nesting instinct is kicking in with only 5 week’s on Thursday till my due date). Whilst I was busy indulging obsessive compulsive disorders on the cleaning front my little darlings were busy under the stairs… I thought they were playing hide and seek, but they had other ideas…. When I went to investigate I discovered half of the carefully stashed away Christmas decorations scattered about them – they’d decided it would be tremendous fun to have an ‘under the stairs Christmas party’! Ho, ho, ho, I don’t think so! They scarped pretty quick when they saw me and I muttered some strong words involving heavy duty packing tape – don’t think they’ll be ferreting in those boxes till December now (with a bit of luck!).

Play-date was fabulous and then the afternoon continued with me deciding to completely valet the interior of the car – every little orifice of it (more nesting…). Whilst I was doing that the girls decided to set up a shop and cafe in the hall way – they kept bringing me ‘mashed’ up popcorn from the cafe (lets just say the hoover had a workout in places other than the car today). Not that I minded their play – they have been getting on absolutely brilliantly and I love to see them enjoying each other’s company.

Setting up shop & cafe in the hallway

After I’d finished on the car I decided to put together a little rocking stand I’ve got for the moses basket. It looks so cute and so very tiny too! Whilst I was busy with the tools I could hear the girls happy laughter from the garden.

By 7.00pm I decided to call it quits and head out the house for the first time all day for a ‘Mucky’ D’s drive-through. The view out to the South Island was spectacular this evening. It’s been a glorious day of sunshine and we’ve had lots of water-play in the garden. Bedtime finally came and the day is now coming to a close.

So my little feet are now resting and my mind is all of a buzz in excited anticipation of my folks visit in only seven sleeps time. Though we’re having a mixed bag of weather in Welly it will certainly be warmer than what they’ve been experiencing in the UK…. check out those icicles!


It will be great to have some extra help with my little cherubs – I feel like a backward snail, carrying a house on my tummy. Below is a photo Dan took of me at the blueberry farm on Saturday. It’s at this stage of pregnancy I look back at myself pre-pregnant and think, ‘Will I ever be normal again?!’. I can’t wait to lie on my tummy and do headstands.

6 week's to go

Feeling good, considering! Had a tour of the new hospital on Friday – which the girls found fascinating. There are around 12 birthing suites now (used to be two with pools). They all have wonderful deep pools and are well facilitated with bean-bags and other goodies to help ease those labour pains. The girls wanted to jump in the tub and fill it up. Sophie asked if she could come with me when it was time for baby to enter the world… erm, that was a tricky one to answer. They enjoyed having a play with the bed – moving it up and down. Dan was with us too and it was magic, as always, to hear bubs heartbeat racing strong. It was a beautiful, sunny Friday afternoon and we finished off the day with a great play in the garden – with Dan even braving the pool…

Dan braving the pool with Sophie