They’ve arrived!

Monday morning and we woke to fog. We were full of excitement at greeting Grandma and Granddad off their flight… but delays were to be expected. Thankfully, we only had to wait an hour and the fog lifted to reveal an absolute pearler of a day.

It’s been two, long year’s since we last saw my folks and we have been counting down the days like excited children at Christmas. When the plane landed and the gate opened we patiently stood waiting for their faces to appear amongst the steady stream of passengers disembarking. The girls held up the heart welcome banners they’d painted, whilst Dan and I stood patiently – almost in disbelief that they were actually going to be there. And then the moment came, when all emotions are pushed forth like a geyser erupting at full force, their faces appeared!

Grandma and Granddad's plane touches down Charli waits excitedly for their arrival

Tears welled up in my eyes, I couldn’t stop hugging them, my heart felt like it would burst with joy and a little piece of me was unlocked – the ‘daughter’ in me.

The girls grabbed their hands and led them to collect their bags. They each had very different reactions. Sophie opened her mouth and did not stop talking till she went to bed. Charli’s eyes were even bigger than usual and she went very quiet, with a dazed smile of overwhelmed amazement.

All together now Sophie has lots of talking to do!

Waiting for the bags Sophie loving the whole process Those happy eyes tell it all

We piled in the car and took Grandma and Granddad home for a freshen up. They absolutely amazed us with their energy in walking round Wellington Zoo in the afternoon and staying up till 8.30pm – when we had to almost march them to bed as they were in danger of falling into a deep coma on the sofa with drinks in hand!

It’s unbelievable to have them here with us. We are so grateful to them for making such a long journey and the next few week’s will be filled to the brim with magic moments that will stay forever in our hearts.