Charli’s first visit from the Tooth Fairies

Last night Charli left a letter with her tooth in the hope of a visit from the Tooth Fairies.


We believe there’s more than one after having read, ‘The Diary of a Tooth Fairy‘ by Alan Durant (Author) & Vanessa Cabban (Illustrator). When Charli was younger she used to say she saw fairies and loved being read the stories from ‘The Rainbow Magic‘ fairy series.

Now, at nearly seven year’s of age, Charli is not completely convinced that tooth fairies are real and thinks maybe her Mummy and Daddy might have something to do with it. She has said she would like to keep her last tooth that falls out. Whether or not she believes, someone came to visit last night and Charli was very delighted with what she received…


And she’s looking forward to visiting The $2 Shop to spend her tooth money!