Easter weekend pool fun


Most of the Easter weekend, aside from consuming chocolate, was spent at the swimming pool. On Friday and Saturday we visited our local pool in Kilbirnie (the Wellington Regional Aquatic Centre and Spray Pool) and on Monday we went to the wave pool in Porirua.

Both the girls are loving swimming and started lessons again in Term 1 (after about a year of us taking them and building on the knowledge they’d gained from lessons when they were younger). They are both moving up to a different class for Term 2 and it’s amazing to see how fast they learn. They are like little otters in the water these days.

Charli DSCF5993

Alice and Mummy had to sit on the pool side and watch the fun (Alice sleeping through it all). On Saturday Daddy really did us proud as he got in the pool after playing a full game of football (and cycling to the pitch). After we’d finished in the pool on Saturday we enjoyed a lovely Thai meal (Alice enjoyed the milk on tap with a mix of yellow curry).

Dan, Charli & Sophie

We then drove off home into the sunset (the one joy of darker evenings is seeing the girls delight at the stars and sunset – which of course they normally miss in the summer time with the sun not dipping down till after their bedtime). We took the scenic route home, pulling in at Princess Bay to enjoy the view. Meanwhile Daddy had to cycle back, as there was no room in the car for his bike!

Sunset over Princess Bay

Little video of our little otters:

  • jen

    I like swimming at the pools :)

    Its such an important activity for kids to be able to learn too

    beautiful sunset photo :)

    I would have liked to watch the video but its set to private :(

      Hi Jen, Just changed the setting on the video as I hadn’t realised, thanks, Sarah x


  • Oh – what application did you use to make that video – it’s great!

    The girls look like they had a brillant time and such hardship for you having baby cuddles on the side!


      Cheers Christia – the application is iMovie – which comes with my Mac – pretty cool and easy to use :) Love my Mac (that is when I get to use it – increasingly being shunted off it by Charlotte and Sophie!) x


  • Chicken Grandma

    Go for it our water babes….Grandma and Grandad always loved coming to the swimming pool with you and you really are amazing in the water….you are really learning so much and doing so well!! It will be lovely when Alice can join you in the swimming pool…she will have to have fun in the baby pool first …what a lucky girl to have such helpful,fun sisters to play gently with her!!