Swinging clip folk and clocks

Charlotte has been busy creating fun swinging clip folk and clocks this week. My favourite is the robot she made for me, which I’ve pinned in the kitchen. In my dreams the robot comes to life and performs the tasks Charlotte has set for it to do: ‘Do all the housework’, ‘Make breakfast’, ‘Tidy up’ (think I was mid rant about having to pick up after everyone when she wrote this one), ‘Make coffee’.


Sophie has been joining in and developing her cutting with scissors skills. The work in progress looks like this (and I’m waiting for that robot to help with the tidying up!):

work in progress

Charlotte asked me to video her making a clock, so other people would know how to do it, so here she is:

The other fun craft thing we’ve been getting into is thumb print art, after Charlotte found a little notebook by Klutz called, ‘Draw Thumb Animals’.

Here’s some of her fun creations…

thumb print art

And a FABULOUS website I’ve recently come across has the most wonderful selection of craft ideas for children – it is ‘The Crafty Crow‘ and I’ve added a link button on my side-bar as I shall be visiting often! Through ‘The Crafty Crow’ I came across more dot art ideas on ‘Let’s Explore’.

LOVING the school hols and having my gals home being all arty and creative (apart from the mess – I’m just hoping all this creativity might lead to some really useful inventions in future years!).