Food, food, glorious food!

I’m sitting up well, have two pearly whites ready for action and have been reaching out for everyone’s food for a few weeks now. Breast-milk is no longer enough (though I’m still having plenty – especially at night, tee hee). So, at nearly 6 month’s of age I have joined the rest of the family at the table with my own spoons and bowls (I’m working on my hand eye coordination and let’s just say it’s very much a work in progress with quite a bit ending up on the floor).

This food is great, messy stuff! So many colours, textures, smells and tastes. Here I am in my high chair enjoying a marmite covered crisp bread… yummy!


I really like to feed myself, which is fabulous fun for me, but a lot of extra work for Mummy! The kitchen floor is needing lots of wiping and I practically need a bath after each meal.

I love drinking water and it’s hard for anyone to have a drink and hold me at the same time – as I reach out and try to grab it. Mummy gave me my first sips of water from a little egg cup – the perfect size for me. Now I’m drinking merrily out of a sip-a-cup, guzzle, guzzle.

So far I have shown a few definite ‘likes’ and ‘dislikes’…

Like – Marmite (as does Charlotte, but Sophie very much dislikes), Carrot (like both my sisters)

Dislike – Cucumber and Banana (as does Charlotte, but they are Sophie’s favourite)

I’m going to be eating full meals soon if I carry at the pace I’ve started!

And Mummy has had to say good-bye to her small hand-bags and give in to a huge ‘Mummy bag’. Life has just got a little bit busier for Mummy and Daddy…

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  • Chicken Grandma

    How adorable is that!!….no worries on the solid food score…we did have a chuckle…just wonderful!!

      Aren’t you glad all that mess can’t be transferred via Skype to your home?! Love you x


  • Jenny @ Practically Perfect…

    Awww, that is so cute!

      Yes, very cute, but lots of work to clean up! :) x


  • Jennifer

    Lovely photo! I enjoyed the video :o ) Sooo cute! It’s great to read about what your little one is doing at that age and stage.

    In reply to your message – I know!!! I think Abbey will be an early crawler, too! When she’s on the floor, she is moving her arms and legs like she would if she were crawling. She definitely has the will, just not the ability! She gets so frustrated after a while of being on her tummy – I would too if I was stuck and couldn’t move to where I wanted to go!


  • Jennifer

    :o ) was meant to be a :)