Getting hip with ‘Hipstamatic’

Peace brothers and sisters, last night’s howling southerlies gave way to the most splendid sunshine in Wellington this Saturday morning. Surfers were out in force in Lyall Bay and I bolted out of the door for a morning jog at a little past 7am (determined that last Saturday’s ‘I am a gazelle‘ triumph wasn’t to be a one hit wonder). I returned to the smell of bacon butties (apologies vegetarians) and the rest of the whanau were keen to get out and enjoy the sunshine.

So we headed out the door and spent the morning at Lyall Bay beach, where the girls had a hoot of a time running bare foot in and out of the surf, despite the cool chill in the air (they don’t feel it, hey?!). Before their twinkle toes turned blue we made a pit stop at Queen Sally’s Diamond Deli for a very early morning tea. Dan then volunteered to walk home and pick up the car and some more supplies – towels, bucket & spades, spare changes of clothes and all the paraphernalia that comes with having small children in tow.

Bucket and driftwood: Hipstamatic iphone

The girls and I took our time strolling to the play-ground, collecting sand along the way. Whilst on the beach I downloaded Hipstamatic to my iPhone. It’s a great application that lets you take old-fashioned style photographs. I’ve been meaning to do it for ages – impressed by other people’s photographs. I bumped into Lou of Domestic Scene (never met before, but a fellow blogger and she happened to recognise me – thanks to the recent ‘Wardrobe Wednesday‘!) and she quickly downloaded the app too (utter geeks, but hey kinda ‘hip’ too – ha, ha!). Anyway, do pop over and take a look at her hipstamatic pics.

Here’s a few more of our pics…

IMG_2121 IMG_2122
IMG_2117 IMG_2123