Loving and NOT Loving Today; from blissful naps to burnt scones

LOVING listening to my intuition. This morning I phoned my Mum in the UK on impulse and she said, ‘I was just thinking of you!’. The miles and miles between us evaporated in a moment. The strong bond between mother and daughter struck a chord of connection on the heart strings.

LOVING watching baby Alice nap (and taking a nap with her).

Alice 8 and a half months

NOT LOVING that I need to find a baby free home for the large pot plant by the front door. Alice has dug up the soil three times this week (and tried to eat a mouthful or two). She’s like a puppy looking for a lost bone. The instant the lounge doors are open she scoots off on hands and knees to one of two places – the stairs or the pot plant. She’s managed to climb up one stair already and I dare say she’ll be mastering the rest all too soon. Looks like she’s following in Sophie’s footsteps – learning to climb before she can walk.

LOVING seeing the delight on Alice’s face as she explores her world with the excitement of being mobile. She is pulling up to standing on everything (and bumping her head on tables, chairs, walls, discovering draws…).

Alice pulling up to standing and cruising at eight and a half months

NOT LOVING the amount of mess a mobile baby makes and how difficult it is to get any housework done whilst supervising a mobile baby.

LOVING baking with Sophie. NOT LOVING burning the scones! As I opened the oven door to put the tray of scones in Sophie asked, ‘Mummy, what’s that red glow at the top?’. I didn’t think anything of it till I smelt the faint waft of something burning ten minutes later… it was then I realised my mistake: I’d put the dial to ‘Fan Grill’ NOT ‘Fan Bake’ – oops! Thankfully, I managed to rescue the scones before they reached the full carbon golf ball stage. After I’d cut the burnt tops off, the bottom half tasted delicious (Alice looked a little confused, but soon got the taste for them).

Burnt scones oops!

We also baked some Anzac cookies (successfully). And all the while Alice scurried around on the floor playing with cups, pulling up on the chairs and stools and eating raisins.

LOVING the double futon (from Futonz) in our bedroom where Alice sleeps. LOVE how her big sisters can marvel in the peacefulness of watching over a sleeping baby. Sophie absolutely adores lying next to Alice and watching her whilst she naps.

Sophie watching Alice nap

NOT LOVING seeing so little of my lovely hubbie. He is working so hard and I am so busy with the children. We manage to say, ‘I love you,’ and give each other a quick hug as we scoot around one another over the morning rush of breakfast and lunch-box preparation. However, we are both very knowing that this time will pass. We’ve been together for 18 wonderful years and I LOVE how the strong history we’ve shared keeps us going through the crazy patches.