This is my Sunday morning…

Sunday morning

At nearly 9 months old Alice is cutting teeth faster than Charlotte, at 7 years old, is losing them. She has five pearly milk whites and judging by the excessive drool, fingers in the mouth and number of night-time comfort feeds, there are more soon to come.

So, after breakfast and listening to Charlotte and Sophie practicing some duo act of singing and guitar strumming, I took the delightful opportunity of some quiet time in my bedroom with Alice, my laptop and a coffee.

Dan popped down to Queen Sally’s Diamond Deli with Sophie (still in her p-jays and carrying a homemade broom stick claiming to be a friend of Harry Potter) and returned with a strong Sunday morning brew (and some lovely pastries for morning tea).

This is a good Sunday morning and just what I need after last night’s marathon feeding session that Alice helped herself to.

Happy Sunday!

* Health & Safety note: The coffee cup was empty when I took the photograph ;)

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  • Marita

    That looks like a very blissful Sunday morning.


  • Cate

    What a good man you have there :-)

    Enjoy your restful Sunday – sound like you need it.


  • Leanne NZ

    ooh those days!

    Hope you can have a nana nap this afternoon.

    Love Leanne


  • Jen

    bless your hubby :)


  • Nic

    “carrying a homemade broom stick claiming to be a friend of Harry Potter” I love it – is she very excited about the new film (I know I am!)? Sounds like great Sunday to me.

    Nic x


    Sarah Reply:

    Ha, ha, she’s not watching that film – but has seen the first. Charlotte, however, is VERY excited and is going with her Daddy. Sophie and Charlotte do love to play magicians with their wands though. Shall have to do a special ‘magic showcase’ blog post ;) x


  • Chicken Grandma

    Bless Dan getting you a lovely coffee…you are a great team and hope you enjoyed a peaceful rest.