Merry Christmas Kiwi Style 2010!

This year the sun was out in full summer style for a primo Christmas ‘Kiwi style’. Some past years have been grey, drizzly, or too darn Wellington windy for the beach, but NOT this year! We decided to leave dinner till the evening and simply enjoy the gorgeous weather. The sunshine was one of the best presents the heavens could have bestowed on us, as well as the beautiful Pohutukawa in our garden blooming (always a late one; timed perfectly for Christmas Day and Sophie’s 5th Birthday tomorrow!).

Alice has been waking early with the light many mornings lately and as I lay on the futon at 5am, trying to nurse her back to sleep, I heard Sophie muttering in her sleep, ‘Christmas Day, it’s Christmas Day…’. Alice heard Sophie and let out a giggle… which then woke up Sophie good and proper (and of course there was no chance of her going back to sleep!). She was good as gold for us though and happy to wait till we were all up, dressed and had eaten breakfast before opening any presents. Though she was allowed to open the ones from Santa in her stocking by her bedroom door… lots of superb crafty things to keep her amused for a wee while – he’s such a thoughtful man 🙂

Alice wasn’t the least bit interested in the presents (just as well, as she didn’t have much to open and really doesn’t need much – though she did get some lovely new clothes and gifts from family x). She did LOVE a big empty box, which quickly filled up with wrapping paper.

An empty box, lots of love and good Christmas food was all she needed for her perfect first Christmas (and she did try to eat the half nibbled carrot that Santa’s reindeer left over on the patio).

Simple pleasures on Alice's first Christmas

And she got her own little piano/xylophone – which she was fairly interested in – but would still rather leave her sticky handprints on Mama’s piano – not that Mama minds (just gets a tad pedantic with the duster from time to time).

Charlotte was awake around her usual time – 7.30am and after breakfast we took our time opening the lovely gifts from dear family and friends overseas and thinking of them just getting ready to snuggle down for the night. She loved an aqua bead set her Aunty Sue got her and spent hours making decorative pieces.

There were shouts of delight from Charlotte and Sophie when they opened their present from Grandma & Grandad – a water slide! With the weather putting on such a show it was easy to guess how we spent the morning… (after much needed coffees for Mama and Papa, utilizing the fabulous new coffee bean grinder hubbie got me for Christmas!).

We had a scream – and Alice LOVED it too – playing with the water shooting out from the sides. Adorable!

Alice loves playing in water

Dan was delighted with his gift from his girls too… a skateboard thing and a gaming seat (with board games in the lid and storage space)…

Happy Daddy

Sophie loved her little woodwork set, which she busied herself with in the garage whilst Alice explored with chalks.

Sophie & Alice at work in the garage

Around lunchtime our neighbours popped in with their three lovely daughters (all around the same age as our girls) and we had a few fun games of Twister, more water slide action, mini pavlovas, fresh berries and a wee tipple of champagne for the grown-ups (and I couldn’t keep my hands out of the chocolate box that Frances had kindly given Dan and I… he knew his pickings would be slim when he saw the glint in my eye as I unwrapped them).

Sophie spent a huge part of the afternoon playing in the water…

Sophie loved the water slide

And with dinner cooking nicely, Charlotte chilled out in the hammock listening to some tunes on her new gadget, with Daddy’s headphones.

Charlotte enjoying some music, peace and quiet

Sophie entertained us with her new outfit from her Aunty Sue and strumming on a cool guitar gadget that my cousin and his family very kindly sent to each of the big girls.


We headed down to Lyall Bay, enjoying the sunshine without the worry, about 4ish and had a great time splashing in the waves, boogie boarding and trying to build sandcastles with the most technical building apparatus you’ve ever come across (must have been invented by those Singapore masters that come up with life-size, award winning castles on Sentosa Island). Anyway, Dan and Charlotte tested the gear – I figured Dan’s engineering degree (all be it in aero-space systems) might come in handy some how… I beat a hasty retreat and ran off to splash in the surf with Sophie and Alice.

Charlotte and Dan made some headway, but concluded the sand at Lyall Bay wasn’t quite up to scratch and would need to give the gear a go at Scorching Bay another day (the sand is indeed superior).

Alice fell asleep in my arms after a good kick and crawl session in the surf (that lass is a baby turtle).

Dinner, at six, was very welcome indeed. We all sat around the table and were extremely thankful for the lovely feast before us. Alice tucked in with enthusiasm and we pulled our homemade crackers (well done Charlotte!).

Christmas dinner

The rest of the evening was very peaceful, with bath, boardgames and stories (some beautiful new ‘feelings’, self-esteem and prayer books). Sophie was exhausted and crashed just after 8pm – she is very, very excited about turning 5 tomorrow! Charlotte helped to wrap a few gifts for her sis and make a card, whilst Alice grooved along to a singing reindeer after her late nap.

At the time of writing it’s just gone 11pm and our thoughts are now in England with our loved ones enjoying their day of celebrations. Our hearts and minds are with them and we hope they have a wonderful time together. We are so thankful for our loving family.

Merry Christmas everyone! xx