Starting the day with doughnuts & rain


Well thankfully we’re not camping! This morning’s rain is torrential. Here’s the Pohutukawa tree in the garden, battling with horizontal rain in windy Wellington.

Pohutukawa tree in the garden in the rain

The perfect tonic to a rainy morning was doughnuts freshly made before breakfast…

Scrumptious doughnuts

and eaten with fresh coffee…

Doughnuts on a rainy morning

Building with lego…

Sophie's Toy Story 3 lego set


Sophie's door hanger

Beading… (Charlotte loves her ‘aqua beads’ from Aunty Sue & Uncle Tony!).

Charlotte's aqua beads

And gazing out the window at the sweet peas growing strong in the rain…

Sweet peas

Sigh! 9.30am and time for a nap with Alice! Dan’s headed out in the rain to take the big girls to our local cinema, the wonderful Empire in Island Bay, and cuddle up on the cosy sofa seats to watch the newly released ‘Gulliver’s Travels':

Happy holidays!

  • Meghan

    Nasty weather! Those doughnuts look lovely. If it’s any consolation it’s just the same here in Ham too! Hopefully it will be shortlived!


  • jen

    those doughnuts look really good

    I heard it raining in the middle of the night
    been overcast but fine here today
    been sleeping a lot
    caught Daniels cold
    feeling better than I did yesterday

    lego is cool!!!!
    I got Billy a meccano set for Christmas
    which is almost as good
    15 year old boys are hard to shop for

    like the cup :)


  • Wasn’t it horrible weather!
    You had such a productive morning! When I read your post that morning, I was still in bed in my PJs! Ha!

    Hope you got to enjoy a bit more of the Wellington weather today ;)