Theme for Week 4 of Lyrical Sunday: Bags!


The theme for week 4 of Lyrical Sunday is…. tum, tee, tum…  ‘Bags‘!

I know it doesn’t sound very exciting, but it’s very much apt for us at the moment – as we pack up our suitcases and head to Nelson for a couple of weeks. And we have just welcomed Chinese Grandma and Granddad to New Zealand (their bags got way laid in Sydney and took another day to arrive!).

Lyrical Sunday

Since we’ll be away next Sunday (though we’ll still be hooked up to the Internet via one form of gadget or another… not sure at what speed!), I am giving us all a fortnight to write our poems – whoop, whoop! So get your thinking caps on and think ‘bags’…. Here’s some prompts to kick off with:

– Handbags (visions of disco dancing divas spring to my mind!)
– Suitcases (vintage, victorian, moth-ball covered, hidden in the attic)
– Bags that go missing
– Back-packs that have travelled the world (if only they could talk!)
– Character bags (think aliens, monsters, walking, talking….)
– Bags with undeclared items in them (think smugglers, customs, trafficking)

Link up on Sunday 23 January.

Post your creative thoughts on your blog and, if you like, add a photo, drawing, or, if you’re feeling musically inclined, add some music to your lyrics and record them!

We look forward to freeing our creative side and being inspired by your thoughts too!

  • Jen

    well Ive just put mine up :0

    Ill link up when you get back have fun


  • I’ve only just stumbled across your idea. How cool! I love writing. I might just join in with you all!!


    Sarah Reply:

    Hi Jaz, I’ve just put the ‘Linky’ up if you fancy joining in with a ‘Bag’ poem :)

    I’ll be posting the theme for ‘Week 5′ tomorrow.

    Sarah x


  • just did ours… waiting for the linky :D


    Sarah Reply:

    Sorry, back from holiday Monday night now and only got intermittent cellphone coverage – struggling to get Internet connection on laptop.

    Apologies for delay and look forward to reading your poems. Will put linky up Monday eve on our return.

    Hoping our stomachs are strong for crossing the Cook Strait tomorrow avo & the weather calms down! x