Being outmaneuvered by an 11 month old

Blogging is taking a back seat whilst I formulate a strategy to cope with my suddenly very mobile 11 month old.

Just when I thought my life would get a little easier – with Sophie joining Charlotte at school – Alice has stepped up to a new level.

Alice 11 months

This week she has gone from taking a few steps to full blown walking. Not content to simply walk, she is climbing too. She was already up and down the stairs, but now she’s climbing and standing on chairs, tables, opening doors and cupboards, testing her strength with carrying the heaviest and largest objects within reach.

My house is being reorganised by an 11-month old.

Paint pots that were out of reach are being found in her grasp and splattered all over the floor. Glitter trays upturned. No art work is safe.

I reckon I should get the packers in, put the entire contents of the house into storage (apart from the coffee machine, wine and chocolate) and replace with soft play furnishings.

I’ll be back when I’ve had a chance to restrategise.

Never mind ‘Year of the Rabbit’, I’ll be hopping lucky to survive!

My week ahead includes…

  • Hubbie’s Birthday on Saturday
  • Chinese New Year Parade Sunday
  • Chinese Grandma and Granddad fly home on Valentine’s Day
  • Alice turns 1 (help!) on Wednesday!

Thankfully Charlotte and Sophie are having a fabulous week at school, but are tireless with their energy levels… asleep around 8.30/9.00pm and awake 7.00am. I have been taking them swimming after school (Monday), playing at the park (Tuesday), walking to and from school (every day), but they are incredible energy-tabs – still I shouldn’t complain – they are lovely, bright sparks and I really wouldn’t wish them any other way x πŸ™‚

Could just do with Alice sleeping through the night and I might stand half a chance of keeping up with them! x