Under the Ocean: Lyrical Sunday (Week 8)

It’s Lyrical Sunday time and the theme is ‘Under the Ocean‘.

Thoughts on a wave

Under the Ocean

By Sarah

Sometimes I wish I could hide in the deep, blue sea,
And sit with an octopus for a cup of tea.
Weighted down like an anchor I’d pour out my woes,
Where my tears go unnoticed, dripping on my toes.

Instead I bury my head under the shower,
My true self feels wilted like a sun scorched flower.
The gushing sound of water fills my ears,
For a while I am unable to hear my dears.

Under the ocean I have space to float,
In a sea of serenity, a peaceful boat.
I let my emotions flow free from the moat,
And swim with the currents, leaving my armored coat.

I hesitate to leave, to stem the watery flow,
My armor rusting up, my responses too slow.
Stepping out of the ocean I feel my true weight,
A part of me wishes to stop behind the gate.

For when I emerge, with a sigh, back on dry land,
I need to be strong and deal a patient, kind hand.
For I am a caretaker to three precious pearls,
And their shells are fragile to what the ocean hurls.

My shell is oft beaten down, with cracks round the edge,
But I must hide my cuts and stand strong on the ledge.
It’s hard at times to stay swimming with the current,
When all I want to do is curl up and lament.

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