Wonderful Wellington showcased in Blog4NZ

Bloggers around the world have been showing their support for New Zealand after the devastating earthquake in Christchurch last month. New Zealand is still very much open for business and can’t wait to welcome you. March 21-23 has seen the Internet flooded with blog posts highlighting some of the fabulous places to visit in New Zealand (check out Blog4NZ or visit on Facebook).

In this post I am showcasing WELLINGTON. It’s been our home since 1997 and we have three Kiwi born daughters. They really have no idea how lucky they are to live in such a very cool little capital city. Here’s a snippet of our life here and why we think it’s so great!

Kayaking Wellington harbour

We are so spoiled for choice in Wellington. It is by no means a ‘city’ in a built up sense. The hills keep the city scape from sprawling outwards (the only way to go is up!) and the harbour setting provides the most spectacular scenery. We have beautiful beaches, great bush walks and tracks, the best ‘little’ zoo, the Zealandia wildlife sanctuary, marine education centre, gardens and over a hundred quality play-grounds.

Beach & gardens

And then there are the art galleries, museums, including the Museum of New Zealand: Te Papa, great city architecture and amazing sculptures, cafes, restaurants, cinemas and theatre.

Wellington at dusk from Mt Victoria

Boating, sailing, kayaking, surfing, kite-surfing, scuba-diving in the South Coast’s marine reserve and mountain biking are just a few of the outdoor adventures to be enjoyed.

Lyall Bay & Wellington harbour entrance

Click on any of the links above and you will be amazed at how a relatively small city (population close to 400,000) can offer such a wide choice and amazing facilities. Because of its size Wellington really feels like it has a strong ‘heart’. Locals are friendly and welcoming to visitors. There is something for everyone.

Each suburb has its own unique character too; some with quaint little cinemas and most with a quality cafe or two (it’s no joke that Wellingtonians adore their coffee; with more cafes per head of population than downtown New York). Its cosmopolitan atmosphere and rich cultural life are enhanced by regular events, including the Festival of the Arts, World of Wearable Arts show, the Rugby Sevens and other international sporting events.

I’ve been writing this blog since my first child was born in 2003 and there are hundreds of posts highlighting Wellington’s wonders. But reading about them here, or on one of the many great Wellington websites, really won’t do. Take this as an invitation you would be crazy to turn down and come visit Wellington (and be sure to meet up for a coffee!).

Diamond Deli, Lyall Bay

And whilst I’m at it… Here’s a few videos from my archives that show our family enjoying Wellington at its best…

Hire a ‘Croc Bike’ to tour Wellington waterfront…

Look for star fish in one of the many rock pools. Here we are at Scorching Bay (a few years ago now!):

Come visit Wellington on a cruise liner and get a right royal welcome!

Enjoy some wheel action at the fabulous skate boarding park or along the wide walkways of Wellington’s waterfront – scoot, roller-blade, cycle, skate-board, croc bike… anything with wheels goes!

Introduce the young ones to thrill sports at a young age…

Catch a wave at Lyall Bay…