Brum, brum! Beep, beep! Alice at 13 months.

Our little girl is a real toddler now. All running, climbing and creating mayhem, mess and mischief. With older sisters about there are so many goodies to get her hands on… pen marks aplenty are being found on walls and furniture – eek!

Thought it was about time I shared a few pages out of Alice’s scrap book…

In the moment

She’s a bit of a petrol head at the moment and if we’re not entertaining her lady-ship sufficiently at home she’ll point at the car, with a demanding finger, and say, ‘Brummmm, Brummmmm!’


I should add that if the buggy is out of the car and set-up she’ll sit in that and say, ‘Bbbbbb! Bbbbbb!’ – her equivalent to a dog running to her mistress with a lead for walkies!


Like most toddlers she loves animals and making sounds. The Zoo is a favourite hang out and she loves to try running down the many hills. There’s plenty of climbing action going on too!


She has her heart set on a doll’s house (not that she can tell us this, but Mummy just *knows* she must have it!). We visited Phil (who is a reader of this blog) to see a couple of amazing doll’s houses he has made and would love to buy this one… (just got to raise some cash at the upcoming school car boot sale this weekend!).

Doll's house

She’s got more teeth coming through than we can guess at – let’s just say if you put your finger in her mouth, watch out! There’s some serious gum-action with about four molars cutting through, as well as eye teeth. This means that Mummy dearest has Alice cuddled up close all night, comfort feeding, back rubbing and soothing.

When it comes to eating Alice is doing okay – still throwing more on the floor than putting it in her mouth. But she likes to try and clean up after herself – seeming to prefer the taste of her food after it’s fallen to the floor and picked up goodness knows what – (erm, serious problem of a mop missing in action at our place!). She’s also very observant of how our cat eats (never mind she has four other humans in the house demonstrating how to eat like a person… she continually tries to lap water out of a bowl when she thinks no one is looking).

She loves bath time and does a ‘splashing’ action when we call ‘bath time’ and heads for the stairs. She is definitely understanding so much of what we say and following simple actions, ‘Alice fetch a hat / ball / hair-brush…’ she can be quite useful really!

And she’s making lots of different sounds and chatter. Not many clear words, like her sisters had at the same age – but she really doesn’t get much chance to get a word in edge ways! She sometimes babbles as though she’s saying a full sentence and it really can sound like, ‘Give that to me’ or ‘Me have’ and occasionally even, ‘Excuse me’ (there’s definitely a ‘me’ theme!).

She is really loving her family and likes to give them big hugs and kisses – even Daddy when he gets home from riding up the hill on his bike… (now that’s REAL love! Awwwww!).