Comfort Baking


I never used to bake much; always ate to survive, rather than living for the pleasure of eating.

I grazed on the run, grabbed a piece of fruit on the way out the door, hurried down a few slices of toast for lunch, downed a glass of milk before bed… all whilst vaguely ensuring I covered my nutritional needs.

And then, children entered my life. I vowed that they wouldn’t grow up as dysfunctional as me in the kitchen, rolled up my sleeves & started to bake with them.

After a while (a few, painful years, of trial, error & cook-ware that needed replacing), I managed to bake edible cup-cakes, scones and biscuits (whilst managing little people in the kitchen – who all wanted to be ‘Head Chef’ at the same time!).

These days there are so many wonderful products to help avoid disasters in the kitchen: ‘Non Stick Cookware‘, of the kind easily available from Tesco-direct, has literally saved my bacon several times (though I still burn the sausages from time to time!).

Here in New Zealand the autumnal season calls for lots of kitchen action. Combine foul weather with school holidays and the cookware comes out the cupboards for some much needed comfort baking.

Thankfully, I have a fabulous helper who loves to bake… And one little tummy that frequently demands to be filled…

A girl who loves to bake and a sister who likes to eat

My Mum-in-law sent me this wonderful cake-stand (which is available from the Cookware section of Tesco direct):

Cupcakes and cupcake stand from Tesco

It was put to good use for cooling the cupcakes down today – but no one was interested in icing them – it was too cold for mucking about; we just ate them, fast!

This is a sponsored post. All words are my own.

  • This is most definitely the best way to combat this foul weather. I was working in town and nearly got blown off my feet. Thank heavens for a handy lamp post to hang onto. I’m staying at home today and aim to bake instead!


  • Meghan @ MNMs

    How funny I bought almost the identical cupcake stand 1/2 price from Stevens on the weekend – thinking it’ll be good for parties etc!


  • They are fantastic cooking pictures love them xx


  • Jen

    Im opposite to you
    I use to like baking before I had kids
    even made a special vegetarian meal once a week
    gosh that was like some 18 years ago

    your an inspiration
    I do help Billy bake
    he enjoys cooking
    however hes a bossy baker I prefer to leave him to it and do
    he cooks most of our dinners

    like your cake stand
    one of the ladies at church has one :)

    bet they were YUM :)


  • I have the same stand bought cheap from Spotlight a little while ago :-)
    Don’t kids love baking? My two teens still nag me to bake for them…problem is, I end up eating it too (and the hips don’t need it!)


  • Chicken Grandma

    What a great cook Sophie and those cakes look YUMMY….love the cake stand too and it shows the cakes off to perfection.