Lyrical Sunday (Week 19): Full Moon

I shivered as my bare feet touched the grass,
The dampness of the night air chilled my bones.
The full moon’s light cast its glow on the glass,
Reflecting my figure as I walked to the dunes.

My robe billowed about my naked legs,
Teased by the sea breeze, whispering its call.
Alone, I scanned the beach for driftwood pegs,
To safely leave my robe as I let it fall.

There I stood, expectant of the water,
Glowing in the moon light, a perfect calm.
A mother, daughter, sister, & lover,
All swept together in the moon tides palm.

The full moon’s soft light now filled my being,
A cleansing feeling washed over my skin.
Distant drums around a campfire beating,
Pulling me back to my robe and my kin.

Sarah Lee © 2011

Te Horo beach, camp fire


My hair whips in my face,

while the petals flutter like a butterfly,

and I’m walking along the leafy road,

which crinkles like I’m walking on a bowl of cornflakes.

The flax bushes say goodbye to the world,

and the sun sinks down while the moon rises up.

Charlotte Lee © 2011

Charlotte's hand art


Four times smaller than the earth – the moon

When we go to bed at night
We see the moon shining bright
Sometimes a crescent or a half and then full
It’s just one night per month it is really dull.

The moon is a satellite of the earth
It has no light of its own
Its shine is a reflection of the sun’s light
And fills our hearts with sheer delight.

When we look at the moon
We think of our family at night.

by Grandma, Celia Aspinall, © 2011


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