Thank you dear family! What an amazing Mother’s Day!

Thank you for a special greeting when I was woken at 5am this morning (all happy sounds – but Alice and Sophie decided to greet the day early!).

Gorgeous Mother's Day greeting!

Thank you Charlotte, for your amazing recipe – which I waited patiently all day to taste!

Thank you Sophie for the beautiful ‘bouquet’ picture you so beautifully did for me, I love it!

And thank you to my dear hubbie for the AMAZING photo book – I really struggled to turn the pages, as the tears were welling up thick and fast! I shall treasure it always. I am completely blown away!

Thank you Charlotte for winning me brunch at The Blue Belle Cafe in Island Bay! It was scrumptious!

Brunch at Blue Belle Cafe, Island Bay

Thank you for the afternoon swim to work off the brunch – it was just what I needed!

Thank you for the most amazing roast dinner and INCREDIBLE banana split dessert! WOW! Charlotte you are amazing to put such a delicious dish together with your lovely Daddy and your special recipe will definitely be a family favourite from now on!

Charlotte's amazing 'Banana Split' for Mother's Day

Finally, thank you to the Heavens for piercing through this morning’s rain to reveal nature in all its bounty – absolutely hundreds of dolphins were frolicking in a frenzy in Lyall Bay this morning. What an amazing way to start the day! And an incredible greeting to Amanda, of ‘A Dangerous Business‘ blog, who is staying with us this evening, on the first night of her New Zealand visit – having won one of the ‘Blog4NZ‘ prizes!

Hundreds of dolphins in Lyall Bay

It’s always wonderful to have visitors and we are very impressed at how Amanda looked incredible after her long-haul flight, packed so lightly she didn’t even have cabin baggage (Dan told me to ‘take note’!) and lasted the whole day, touring the sights of Wellington, without so much as a hint of jet-lag (and she doesn’t even drink coffee!). We greeted her in arrivals at 9am, where Wellington gave her a traditional windy welcome – Dan even had to do a bit of trolley herding before we could safely exit the car-park!

What a fabulous, fun and scrumptious Mother’s Day! I feel truly blessed and am sending out my love to mothers the world over, with extra special thoughts to my own dear Mum and Mum-in-law too x And special thoughts to all the incredible, amazing women who aren’t biological mothers, but give love with a full heart like any other mother to children who really need to be cherished.

Children are our future, we are their care takers and they have so much to teach us – we just need to listen with an open heart and a clear mind. x