Exceptional, enabling, ever ready…

It’s all about ‘E’ on the home-schooling front this week (more about that over at my ‘Many Paths to Learning‘ blog space).

Whilst Sophie’s busy drawing extraordinary elephants, and exploring the earth with Alice, I am focusing on enhancing my energy levels to ensure I am enabled to entertain, educate and endure.


Coffee (note the LONG ‘e’ sound there)…

There’s nothing better than grinding up fresh coffee beans – the smell alone lifts up my endurance levels. And when you find a coffee cup as big as your head, you know you’re onto a winner (granted, having an egg head like mine makes finding the exact size coffee cup easy).

Recently Updated567_1

And stopping to smell the flowers, like my young charges, helps (welcome ‘Spring’ to New Zealand on Thursday!).

Recently Updated566_1

But most of the time they are energetic explorers…

At the Zoo

I have very little hope! Alice looks set to firmly follow in her sister Sophie’s footsteps. Climbing and exploring just comes effortlessly.

Alice at home in the garden

And whilst the elegant, elaborate elephants are stomping on the home-front…

Sophie's elephant

Charlotte is really getting into her stride at her exceptional, new school.

She also really enjoys her Daddy collecting her from school a few days a week, as she gets treated to her favourite afternoon tea and to hang out at his office (where she pretends to do her homework, whilst putting ‘codes’ for Dan’s team to break up on the whiteboard and playing giant Jenga!).

Charlotte's afternoon tea

Well, it’s time I exited out of here and closed my eyes for a while before I explode in a cloud of electronic particles.

Sarah x

P.S. Leave a comment with how many letter ‘e’s’ are in this post (not including the ones in the photographs) and I’ll randomly select a winner on Friday evening for a bag of coffee (let me know how you like it – fresh beans, ground for a plunger etc.).

If you don’t like coffee, I can stretch to tea…

If you don’t like tea, then gin? Water?! What else is there?!

This is in honour of the eight years I’ve been writing this blog and of course, the letter ‘e’ – because we all need a little something extra 🙂 x