Something Blue

It’s been a weekend of blue, in a very happy, sunshine kind of a way!

This was our Saturday afternoon…

Snow on the distant Orongorongos, Charlotte watching a ferry leave Wellington harbour

We made the most of the sunshine at wonderful Scorching Bay, where we rocked climbed, dug in the sand, tossed a frisbee around and drank coffee at Scorch-O-Rama (whilst feeling a little ‘star struck’ at Orlando Bloom sitting on the adjacent table with his gorgeous wife and baby!).

Cafe at Scorching Bay in background and Alice loving the sand in her winter play suit!

Despite Alice looking like she’s rugged up for the snow it was actually lovely and warm. She’s hit 18 months and showing a strong independent streak. Her reaction to most clothes we try to put on is, ‘No like!’. Under this suit she was wearing just a nappy and a long-sleeved t-shirt. She did let me put some socks on (she hardly ever wears shoes – makes me look like a terrible mother on a bad weather day – particularly when we had snow earlier in the week!). She does like this suit, thankfully, so at least it’s quick and easy to put on and keeps her warm (and fairly dry when she starts rolling in sand, surf and mud!).

Up on the rocks the big girls had such a chilled time exploring with Dan. Charlotte was enjoying a ‘Sound of Music’ moment in this photo… (doing her school choir practice of Giselle: Galop):

Choir practice with Charlotte (a 'Sound of Music' moment!)

A perfect Saturday afternoon at Scorching Bay (alas I didn’t snap one of Orlando – just didn’t want to ‘impose’ on his family time – he must love it in NZ – everyone is so laid back!). Though, if I’d had my decent camera with the paparazzi style zoom I may have been tempted to angle him into the background of a shot… especially when he strolled along the beach with his baby in arms!

Beautiful Scorching Bay bathed in winter sunshine