Thing’s I’m Loving…

It’s been full on lately, as I wrote in this post, but of course there is always much to love. This Saturday morning, with the sun streaming through the window, I feel so much happier. It’s the weekend. The sounds of a happy family fill the house. Sophie has baked a chocolate cake (in the oven before 9am!), Charlotte’s humming away and practicing her guitar for a school concert on Sunday and Alice is running around being her usual cheeky self.

There is much to love.

♥ The glimpses of finer weather (in between the crazy hail storms of this week!) have given way to water play in the garden…

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♥ Spring planting in colourful pots.


♥ A school certificate celebrating Charlotte’s confidence in settling in so well at her new school.


♥ The love of a sister written from the heart, unprompted, just because…


♥ Sisters together playing naturally at the end of a school day. Hugging oak trees and rolling down grassy hills.

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