My skin in rubber I entered the cave.
I waded through water, thinking, ‘Be Brave’.
The air without motion, no day or night.
I would have felt terrified without a light.

Our confident guide led us on with wit,
His office had no chairs in which to sit.
Instead, I positioned my derrière –
In a rubber ring, and floated with care.

An underground river led us deeper –
The inner womb of the earth our keeper.
We tumbled down waterfalls, held our breath,
And turned off our lights, to drift with quiet stealth.

For deep underground, where no sunlight shines,
Are many living lights, hanging on lines.
With awe we reclined in our seats of rubber,
Drifting on water, hands clasped together.

I felt so at peace, in earth’s deep embrace,
The glowworms light illuminating my face.
Just the sound of breathing, water swirling,
In an underground womb of natures making.

© Sarah Lee, 2011


This poem was inspired by Charlotte’s theme of ‘Underground’ for week 30 of ‘Lyrical Sunday‘.

Lyrical Sunday

In writing this poem I took a trip down memory lane. In the late 1990s Dan and I went on a guided black-water rafting trip through the caves of Waitomo, New Zealand, with ‘The Legendary Black Water Rafting Co.

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