Christmas Eve sunshine thoughts from New Zealand

Happy Christmas 2011

This Christmas Eve morning we woke to blue sky, without a cloud in sight. The sunshine is a much welcome gift after the rains of the other week caused terrible flooding and landslips in Nelson. Our hearts also go out to the people of Christchurch, who suffered a number of strong earthquakes, the day before Christmas Eve. We hope the gift of sunshine will make the festivities, however simple, whether at home or away, displaced through natural disaster or any number of reasons, easier to enjoy. Kia Kaha x

Here in our home we are enjoying one of the happiest festive seasons of our lives. We feel very blessed and are extremely grateful. My dear parents, our children’s dear Grandma and Granddad, are here to share the celebrations.

It is their first Christmas in New Zealand and their first shared with their grandchildren. We feel like we’ve received the joy of a hundred Christmases having them here with us. It’s been two years since we were together and seeing them get to know young Alice – who turns two in February – is absolutely golden.

Grandma & Granddad with Alice

Christmas Eve has been on of fun at the beach and an amble around the zoo with young Alice, whilst the older girls enjoyed a bike ride with their Daddy.

This morning Dan tried out his Christmas present a day early (and of course Granddad enjoyed a go too – as did Charlotte and Sophie!):

The paddle board

There were a few wipe-outs, but no lasting damage done, hee, hee (Granddad also discovered NZ dollar bills are very water-proof!).

I so love seeing my family together. The best gift of all really is time, especially when it’s spent in nature or playing together. As I walked down to the bay, with Charlotte and Sophie running on ahead, I really was in a happy moment (despite Alice waking me up at 1am to see the stars and again at 5.30am for the day!).


This evening we came together in the living room to share music, song, dance and laughter. Charlotte and Sophie started the tradition of a ‘Christmas Eve’ show when they were very young and it was adorable to see young Alice joining in this year – dancing alongside her big sisters and singing some of her favourite Christmas songs. She is such a great talker and has a good ear for music, it’s amazing how she can string together a sentence and pick up a melody to hum.

Before the girls went to sleep a selection of Christmas books made for a festive bed-time reading with their dear grandparents. With candles glowing, fairy lights a twinkling and carrots put out for the reindeer, along with beer and cookies for Santa.

We shall sleep very well tonight (the Christmas elves were very late to bed last night, the wrapping department in particular!).

Christmas elves Grandma & Granddad

The children are all asleep with dreams of Santa, pavlova and the nativity scene. If only we could take a peek!

Wishing everyone a very, very happy, safe and healthy Christmas. x