Swinging through the vines at Te Kairanga

Granddad and Alice

The vineyard of Te Kairanga Wines swung to the music, celebrating the fruits of the rich soil, on Wellington Anniversary Weekend for ‘TK Day’ 2012.

Vines at TK

We arrived to the soothing sound of a voice reminiscent of Frank Sinatra and sat back to enjoy the crisp, dry tones of a 2009 Rose.

Sophie was transformed into a beautiful butterfly by a friendly clown called ‘Rainbow’.

Sophie transformed into a beautiful butterfly

Chasing after Alice as she ran with glee into the vineyard…

Alice in the vineyard

Returning all to soon to the call of a lolly scramble…

Lolly scramble

Dancing to the beat of ‘Uncle Monkey‘ with Grandma and Granddad.

Dancing with Grandma

Charlotte & Sophie

A wonderful way to while away a couple of hours on a Sunday in Martinborough.

Alice chilling out

We shan’t leave it such a long time till we visit again. Happy memories and all the richer for sharing with Grandma & Granddad x

A wonderful day at TK Wines