Flying into February

Monarch butterfly visiting the garden

A visitor to my garden on Monday marked the start of a new school year and the end of the summer holidays. I have a special affection for Monarch butterflies. To me they are spiritual guardians, carrying messages from loved ones.

After Charlotte set off happily to school on Monday the butterfly soared into the garden and landed amongst the flowers, delighting Alice, Sophie and my Mum and Dad. It stayed for ages, letting us get close to admire its beauty, peeking over the flowers right at us.

Peek a boo, I see you Monarch

The same day I received approval to home-educate Sophie. I applied for a certificate of exemption prior to Christmas and Sophie is delighted to hear my application is successful. She has started the term with great enthusiasm, whilst making the most of our last week with dear Grandma and Granddad before they fly home to the UK on Saturday.

Monarch how beautiful you are

We have enjoyed an amazing time together and the ‘Cosmos’ seeds I planted in spring (hoping they’d flower for Mum and Dad) have finally opened. Cosmos flowers hold a very special place in my Mum’s heart.

Cosmos flower, the first in the garden

We feel very thankful and blessed.