Happy Leap Day this Wednesday 29th February 2012!

We didn’t catch a frog today, but we did watch, ‘The Princess and The Frog‘ and dived off the stairs into a ‘pool’ of cushions and blankets like frogs.

Diving into leap year :)

We did eat green jelly – yummy 🙂 and we talked about French people eating ‘frogs legs’ – which led to a session of learning to speak French with the assistance of ‘Linguascope‘.

We also read the beautifully illustrated ‘Red-Eyed Tree Frog‘, by Joy Cowley – taking it in turns to act out the part of the frog (too much laughter when it was my turn, croak!).

The Red-Eyed Tree Frog

We did catch a frog once upon a day (and a tadpole too!) at the wonderful Kaitoke Country Gardens (which we visited with Grandma & Granddad on our way over to Martinborough for a splendid weekend at the end of January).

Catching frogs and tadpoles at Kaitoke

We could have brought a few home, but with no pond and not wishing to give up our bathtub or invest in an aquarium, we declined (the children were thankfully ‘okay’ with that!).

We’re now all ‘frogged’ out here (even visited ‘The Chocolate Frog’ cafe for lunch – as we had to stock up on more Swan Plants – since our current plants are being devoured by our darling ‘Monarch’ caterpillars!).

Dark at 8.30pm here now – but the girls are still all up and bright, dancing away in the living room to Daddy’s choice, ‘The Shamen – Ebeneezer Goode‘ (1992) – remember?! THAT was a good Leap Year for hubbie and I – we met in the September of that year!

Hope you’ve had a good Leap Day! It’s a fine day for hubbie – he’s gone ‘dry’ all February (the fridge is now restocked with beer for March, hee, hee!).

Origami frogs for Leap Day

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