Things I’m Loving: Since Alice Turned Two

We’re just into the (ahem) ‘Terrific’ Twos! So far…. so good (I’ve gone and tempted fate now – I’ll be blogging about the mother of all tantrums tomorrow!).

Staying on the positive side I’m going to share a few cute moments (which could also be seen as frustrating, annoying, a lot of work, never ending mess – BUT I refuse to *see* it all like that).

I see….

An enthusiastic little toddler, eager to create play-dough on a Monday morning (whilst her big sister makes pancakes). She’s fascinated by the feel of the flour on her skin. She loves to bury her hands in it, like she does with sand on the beach. Making the play-dough is sometimes more fun that actually having a pot of dough sitting on the side to play with.

Making playdough on a Monday morning

I see…

A creative little girl who naturally loves to experiment with colours and textures, bringing them all together to create a picture – or something completely abstract. When she draws lines on a chalk-board – they are so much more than lines. Those lines are trees, forests, clowns and planes. She tells me what she’s seeing. It’s her own magic coming to life – like the scene in ‘Mary Poppins’ when they jump through the chimney sweep’s chalk drawings into a different world.

Alice's Happy Clown Holding A Balloon

I see beyond the upturned box of cars, trains and planes strewn across the floor. I get a glimpse into her world through her play.

A world of imaginary play

I get down and play, with a puppet that’s caught her eye. She greets the puppet warmly and involves it as a character in her imaginary play (which to her is all very real, funny and sometimes quite warped!).

Puppet play

I see a lively girl, full of life, so fortunate to be living the life she is. I smile as she bounces on the trampoline with glee, asking for ‘More balls please!’ and I praise her manners (which she uses better than her older sisters at times, hee, hee).

I see a girl with great skills in the kitchen, who is clever with her hands and quick with her thinking.

Alice baking

I see a bright light illuminating from within her. A light that makes everything and everyone around glow. A light that is curious to explore every dark corner and fill it with light.

Sunday at Island Bay Marine Education Centre

I see a young child with an open smile and a friendly face. A girl who will make friends with ease.

I hear a sweet voice that says, ‘Hello. I’m Alice. I’m two.’ A voice that loves to sing and finds a tune with ease.

Hours of fun playing with sand and making friends

A girl that knows her own mind. That tells me when she’s, ‘Not keen,’ or ‘Alice sleepy’. Or sometimes I ask, ‘Are you hungry?’ and she replies, ‘I’m fine.’

Well, Alice, love, you are so very fine. Just keep being terrific. You are so much fun.

Long may these ‘Terrific Twos’ last x


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