Things I’m Loving this week of lurve!

♥ Love my hubbie, who knows many ways to my heart but, on a Friday evening, these babies waiting for my consumption are the best!

I'm a lucky lady

♥ Love Friday nights with the family on the beach, playing in the surf & turning into mermaids in the sand.

Alice mermaid

♥ Love the thoughtfulness of a friend (who is also an awesome florist at Woodstock Florists in Wellington) to send the most beautiful flowers to my oldest girl on Valentine’s Day (the flowers were sent to my daughter’s school and addressed to her from my friend’s son – awww!).

Beautiful flowers from Woodstock Florists on Valentine's Day

♥ Love Alice’s enthusiasm for getting ‘hands on’ with baking. She loved showing her ‘love’ by making Valentine cupcakes…

Alice enjoying baking

♥ Loved seeing gorgeous baby baboons at Wellington Zoo. We spent five hours at the Zoo on Monday!

Baby baboons :) Wellington Zoo

♥ Loved Sophie and Alice’s enthusiasm for hanging around at the Zoo and learning so much at the keeper talks too.

Hanging around at the zoo!

♥ Love Trade Aid for the most gorgeous gifts for my two year old girl, who really needed nothing for her Birthday – but it was lovely to see her unwrap some gifts for a good cause.

♥ Loved writing an overdue letter to our sponsored child, Tracy, in Kenya – through ChildFund NZ. I was looking through out folder of letters we’ve received from her mother and amazed that we’ve been corresponding for four years.

♥ Loved a brilliant meet up with fellow Welly home educating families on Wednesday, where our children played harmoniously (really) for four hours! They rehearsed two plays, working on costumes, set & plot independently before calling the adults to watch!

♥ Love Sophie’s enthusiasm for learning and great online maths programs like ‘Mathletics‘. She’s reading independently, writing – mostly with encouragement, but increasingly self initiated and asking so many questions again (and we’re following up by researching the answers together – we’ve talked, amongst other things, about light bulbs, electricity, eagle rays and grains of sand this week!).

Sophie putting her maths to practical use in the kitchen

♥ Love Alice’s creativity with Sellotape!

Alice makes a swing for her doll using Sellotape

♥ Loving my older girls actively helping to tidy, put away laundry (even fight over who is going to hang up the washing!), with just a smidgen of motivational talk.

♥ Love that they feel rewarded by the simplest and greatest of things – family time to have fun together – be it at the beach, playing a board game or cuddling up to watch something awesome like Disney Nature’s ‘Oceans‘ late on a Friday night past their usual bedtime.

♥ And LOVE my hubbie and family x

Words of love on Valentine's Day


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