A fitting end to daylight saving

Sunday 1 April signals the end of daylight saving in New Zealand.
Clocks wind back one hour and night will fall around 6.30pm.


So, one week before the nights draw in, we went to the Botanical Garden in Wellington
for some music and grooving as dusk drew in.


Eagles tribute music from ‘Life In The Fast Lane’ filled the air. Our girls (little toddler Alice in particular)
danced along, with giddy excitement, at the sensual thrill of lights and bubbles at sundown.


We played ‘Pooh Sticks’ on bridges lit with light from electric trees…


and balanced over stepping stones…


We fed the ducks, all aglow.


Watching the duck pond transform into a magical place more befitting of fairies than ducks.


The beautiful flower beds, soon to be dug up and turned over to rest for winter, looked splendid.


And tree canopies bowed over, enticing people to enter their blanket of still green leaves, yet to turn their face to Autumn.


It was a perfect way to bid farewell to Summer – though hopefully not the sun –
(we really could do with some more sunshine filled days to tide us through till Spring!).