A poem for my mother & my mother-in-law xx

Taking an early autumn walk in my garden

Take a walk with me, and see what I see.

The early autumn sun casts its shadows –

yet the sweet breath of summer lingers on,

in my home, near the bay, balanced on hills.

Sweet peas I still find in my garden fine.

I inhale their scent; too soon they’ll be gone.

Memories of summer still clear in my head.

I capture the last fruits of a summer gone –

whilst over in England mother earth sings –

Spring’s song.

Last strawberries of autumn

As the leaves on my marker of the seasons –

start to turn, I crawl under the canopy,

to the skeleton branches underneath.

I hold its silvery, white trunk and feel the pull

of the earth’s axis –

far, far, away –

turning other trees toward the light anew.

The silver birch in our garden and marker of the seasons

My heart sings with love for my mother and the mother of my husband –

For the gift of life they bestowed upon us.

In our garden a caterpillar starts its journey to be a butterfly.

And the rich family values, passed down the line –

that keep us strong as we raise our young.

This Mothering Sunday we celebrate,

the cycle of life and the love that we feel.

For each leaf that turns to New Zealand’s rustle of Autumn,

We send you our love in every unfurling leaf you see in your Spring.


Happy Mothers Day with all our love and thanks,

Sarah, Dan

& girls.


© Sarah Lee, 2012


I love to walk in nature.

I love my parents and parents-in-law.

I love taking photographs.

I love writing.

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