The Gallery: Extreme Close Up

Monarch butterfly emerging in my garden, wings unfolding

When nature reveals its beauty in such a way, my mind cannot possibly comprehend what my eyes see.

It is miraculous, beautiful, incredible, literally breathtaking.

A child's finger, a child's puppet, a chrysalis

A child cannot help but want to reach out and touch –
as if to convince their mind that what they see is in-fact real.

I almost have to pinch myself, for surely it is so beautiful that it must be but a dream.

Magic unfolding

Hidden away for around ten days –
Deep green, with circular, windows – of gold.

Slowly the chrysalis darkens, until… transparent it finally is, with wings about to unfold.

New life

New life, carefully tended within the warmth of my home, as the autumnal skies bring cooler air.

Where will they fly? To warmer skies?

To lay their eggs and continue the cycle – like the ring of gold that encircles their magic cocoon
– on and on.


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