Things I’m Loving: Snapshots from my back pocket

Some weeks go so fast that I barely have time to stop and take stock, but thanks to my camera in my back pocket the memories are a little easier to hold on to. ♥

Alice taking a walk through the dunes down to the beach on Saturday morning

It’s been a week of ups and downs, especially with a school girl not so happy – but happier after opening up and talking things through. We’re so proud of her to have the courage to speak up and say what she was feeling. ♥ It was so good to see her playing touch-rugby with her classmates on Wednesday evening – even the cool southerly whipping through didn’t bother her.

Charlotte at touch rugby being cheered on by her sisters

♥ A toddler so chatty and busy in her exploratory world, that even glitter bottles become ‘people’ acting out a scene in her mind. A hand-painted wooden car goes on an adventure through play-dough and sticks.

Alice and her imaginary worlds

♥ A home-schooler so happy to be making some other unschooling friends and having fun at the wave pool together and learning at ‘Pataka‘ museum. Writing letters to her Daddy, creating stories with her lego and coming up with a wonderful song with her older sister. Sophie was also delighted to do some hand sewing this week (something she’s very interested in). My wonderful friend came around (with her gorgeous 8 month old!) to help – in a past life she designed and made wedding dresses, amongst other things!

♥ Three sisters enjoying each others company on Friday after school.

Friday after school

♥ A family grateful of a Friday evening, at the end of a hard week for all, and deserving of a meal enjoyed together (yummy ‘Heaven Pizza‘ on Cuba Street!).

Heavenly Pizza - yum!!

♥ The beauty of a sunny Saturday in Wellington, when a morning at the beach had our name on it…

Saturday morning on the beach

and the afternoon called for a family visit to our ♥ local Zoo

Checking out the baby meerkats

before ♥ dancing the night away to free entertainment, as part of the ‘Summer in the City‘ events, with a ‘Sunset Session’ at Shorland Park in Island Bay…

Shorland Park, Island Bay, Summer in the City

The light has been amazing this week (which I enjoyed capturing for my ‘Gallery’ post this week). We’re definitely seeing the colours of autumn beginning to turn in the deciduous trees, but the weather is still throwing us some gems (with the stormy days either side inspiring poetry!).

Shorland Park, Island Bay

We’ve brought these Monarch caterpillars in from the wind and they are thriving and incredible to watch…

Monarch caterpillars looking plump :)

So, lots to love in between the daily chores and keeping everyone happy and healthy 🙂


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