Weekend snaps

We welcomed home our man of the house on Saturday, after he’d been away in Melbourne on a business trip for a few nights.

Welcome home Daddy!

Charlotte & Sophie made beautiful banners to welcome him…

from Charlotte from Sophie

We had fun at Seatoun School Fair on Sunday – and Alice was SO happy to get a ride on ‘the rocket’ (which turns up at most school fairs and local festivals in Wellington)…

Alice so happy to have a ride on the rocket

And, for the first time, she got on the bouncy castle and stayed on for more than a few seconds! She stayed on for a good ten minutes with great enthusiasm! Hee, hee!



Hee, hee :)

And we saw the one and only, original, beloved, magical, fuel burning oracle, sleek as a thoroughbred, fine four-fen-dered friend…

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang!

Now owned by the wonderful Sir Peter Jackson.

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang at Seatoun School Fair, Wellington, NZ

And we watched this amazing video, put together by our friend Michael (only 6!), for his school project

on Wellington’s rocky shore… (so talented!):

And we saw a couple of films too, including the inspiring ‘Jig’: