Lyrical Sunday: If I could…

Alice, 26 months

If I could swap with Alice for a day –

I’d wake with a smile, no cares in my way.

I would run around in my Birthday suit,

knock over my soup and play on a flute.

I’d paint my teddy-bear with jam and cream,

dance till I got dizzy and fly in my dreams.

I would run bare-foot on mud, grass and sand,

jump in puddles and march, with a toy band.

I’d bounce on the bed, and over the couch,

like a baby joey, just out of the pouch.

I would feel everything, Be anything –

Laugh. Cry. Dance and Sing.

Anytime. Any place.

If. I could be Alice.

Because, if I could NOT…

I would stamp my feet, pout my bottom lip

and shake my fists, until Mummy said I could!

© Sarah Lee, 2012


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