Photo A Day MAY | Bird [flying on the eve of a full moon]

Papa, Please Get the Moon for Me!

Eric Carle you’ve given my little girl the thought that she can play with the moon. She stared at the moon, saying, ‘Hello Moon!’ and then turned to me and said, ‘Fetch a ladder Mummy!’.

But, as mole discovers in ‘Bringing Down the Moon‘, some things are not as simple, or as close, as they look!

If only. All my children have had a fascination with the moon around the age of two. Charlotte used to be in tears as I tried to explain why we couldn’t play with the moon. Alice seems to accept it’s just not possible – but it doesn’t stop her talking to the moon and asking me, ‘Can I touch it?’.

This evening we watched the seagulls circling at sundown on the south coast of Wellington, as the moon rose high in the tinted sky of the setting sun.


If Alice could fly high like a bird, gliding on the air currents, she would…


And if she couldn’t fly, she’d climb to the highest heights…


Following her sister, to see if she could get a little closer…


Like the birds that soar in the evening sky…


But my little bird can only dream, of flying to the moon that lights up our night sky.