Photo A Day MAY | Something I can’t live without

Obviously food, clean water and shelter (which I’m extremely grateful for every day) are the essentials that I can’t live without – and my heart frequently aches for the millions of people around the world that are struggling to survive without the basics.

But, beyond those essentials, is LOVE. The love of my family is like the blood in my veins. No mater where they are, in this world or the next, the love we have shared in the past, the present and the love we shall share in the future, is what keeps my spirit alive.

Today we spent a wonderful morning at Lindale Farm, on the beautiful Kapiti Coast. Alice, our youngest daughter, has been asking to visit there for months. She was so thrilled to pet the rabbits and feed the lambs, ponies and goats. She was so brave too – when the hens came pecking food from her hand!

No photo today (I’ve been slack at charging the battery on my camera and my phone camera is taking only fuzzy pics).

This video footage sums up the LOVE of our family, which I’m thankful for every day.

Our trip to the farm (thankful to Dan and his iPhone – which he lent to me for the first part of the filming – and then took control of when the feeding, filming, hen pecking and Alice minding got too much for me to handle all in one go!):