Photo A Day MAY | You (howling to the full moon!)

There is only one photograph of me taken today – and hubbie dearest did the honours. We had walked to the top of our street to watch the full moon rise over the distant hills.


We got there just in time to see the moon lighting up the sky as it peeked up on the horizon.


Sophie and Alice were very excited (Charlotte had seen it 99% full the night before, so didn’t bother to make the short walk up the hill to see it again – it was very cold!).


It was beautiful to see the glow of the moon reflecting off the sea.


Hopefully the little ones sleep well tonight (I heard a dog howling last night – and our regular ‘Morepork‘ – small New Zealand owl – was busy singing to the moon too).

Alice woke at 3am looking for ‘Noddy’ – and was then up for an hour talking to her teddy bears!