Things I’m Loving & Rounding Up Photo a Day MAY 23 – 31

LOVE the surprise of a huge pile of sand on the beach (that appeared literally over night down at Lyall Bay).

HUGE pile of sand that appeared overnight on Lyall Bay beach

Photo a Day MAY | 25th | UNUSUAL

LOVE seeing Charlotte and Sophie team up and learn to play a few tunes together on their recorders (which were a Christmas present, at least two years ago, and are now getting used with much more interest than they’ve ever been).

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Photo a Day MAY | 24th | SOMETHING NEW

LOVE a Monday of baking, playing, eating and creating. Alice decorated an airplane, a boat, a train and a car. Sophie wrote a couple of poems on her blog: ‘LOVE‘ and ‘the sun‘.

LOVE Alice’s enthusiasm for baking, hee, hee! She came up to me on Monday morning, with her ‘Peter Rabbit’ apron on and a bowl in her hand, asking me to get out the flour, eggs, milk and sugar to make some cakes!

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Photo a Day MAY | 27th | SOMETHING SWEET

LOVE meeting hubbie for lunch. We haven’t indulged in this treat for a long time. After a morning of play with friends we met up at Big Thumb for a yum cha lunch.

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Photo a Day MAY | 26th | 12 O’CLOCK

And then we played some more! LOVE the cool playgrounds in and around Wellington (well over 100 and all superb!).

Waitangi Park playground, Wellington

Photo a Day MAY | 28th | THE WEATHER TODAY (fine for play!)

Tuesday was cheering on Charlotte in the Western Zone Cross Country race. An hour or so before the race the heavens opened, lashing down with hail (even snow in hilly parts!), but then the sky cleared and then sun came back out. Charlotte did great – came 28 out of 60 girls in the Year 5 race (there were ten schools competing and each school entered six girls). All the girls were splattered in mud, but they took it in their stride and participated with great enthusiasm.

Western Zone

Tuesday was also a special day for hubbie and I – our 13th Wedding Anniversary.

Hubbie and I on our wedding day 1999

Photo a Day MAY | 30th | MY PERSONALITY (romantic!)

The children were well looked after by our friend Frances – whilst Dan and I nipped out for a couple of quiet drinks, tucked up in front of the fire at the local, whilst waiting to pick up a take-away dinner. We had a great evening (‘Lace’ rocks!).

13th Wedding Anniversary!

Photo a Day MAY | 29th | A NUMBER

Have to share this gorgeous proposal video going around the Internet at the moment – guaranteed to make you shed a tear, fill your heart with warm fuzzies and give you butterflies in your tummy!

LOVE Charlotte’s photo of a regular light in a room in our house – the theme was ‘Technology’ and how we’ve been using technology to practice the ancient art of yoga and help with our home school learning!


Photo a Day MAY | 23rd | TECHNOLOGY

Wednesday was ‘sunshine school’, meeting up with another home school family at the Chocolate Fish in Shelly Bay for brunch, home for Alice’s nap and then off to pick up Charlotte from school. We lingered to play at the Katherine Mansfield Memorial Park, in Thorndon, under the last of the autumn leaves on the deciduous trees lining the pathway to the little playground there.

Then we drove home, admiring the pink colours in the sky as we drove around Oriental Bay and Evan’s Bay – taking the scenic route home. Beautiful.

Beautiful, just like my youngest poppet, Alice, meeting ‘Noddy’ for the first time! She was smitten!

Alice thrilled to meet Noddy!!

Photo a Day MAY | 31st | BEAUTIFUL!