Things I’m Loving this ‘Photo A Day MAY’ | Snack | Something I Made

LOVING these scrumptious berry muffins I made today, which were a lovely snack for a young house guest, Sophie, Alice and I. The berries were so warm as the muffins came out of the oven that I couldn’t resist adding a little dollop of vanilla bean ice-cream on the side when I served them.

Berry muffins

And I LOVE these cute little pom pom pets we’ve been making this week. I made these little cuties early one morning (before breakfast – whilst the rest of the house was asleep), under instructions from Alice to put the hands, eyes and mouth in various places…



Sophie (when she woke up) made a couple of cute ones too – and ‘cup person’ in a dress too…

Sophie's pom pom pets

Sophie's cup person

LOVED reading ‘The Hunger Games’ trilogy (now I just need to decide what to get into next!).

LOVE candles when the nights draw in so early as the shortest day is just weeks away.


LOVE this that I found lying in Sophie’s bedroom…


Makes it all worth while!

NOT LOVING (though I don’t wish to dwell on it for long!) – Charlotte losing the plot the other night (tired, dehydrated, hormonal maybe, the weather – was a shocking windy day, change of teacher this week, family tuff – so many possible reasons). Poor love was like a corkscrew wound up to the max and full of negative energy that just exploded in a horrible way (mostly retiring to her room to lash out – thank goodness). THANKFULLY, she’s been absolutely fine and positively glowing the rest of the week 🙂

NOT LOVING Alice’s middle of the night wake ups – but she’s so cute and happy with it – and I’m surviving on coffee and making the most of the days when it is sunny 🙂 Like yesterday – wow – sun, no wind, all day! Hurray!

And finally, for a giggle, LOVING this old photograph I unearthed (whilst looking for something else) of me and my friends back in 1992 (we were about 18). Hee, hee, oh I did LOVE my wild, dancing days! Never could – and still can’t – stay still when the music is pumping. I’m the one in the middle (the one with her legs on display – erm, I obviously had too much time to lie around in the sun – revising for my A-levels of course –  by the colour of them!!). So great to still be in touch with nearly everyone in this photograph.


Have a great weekend!