A natural tribute to the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee


Here in New Zealand we are grateful to always have the first Monday of June as a public holiday, to celebrate the Queen’s Official Birthday. It is our last public holiday till the end of October and before we rug up proper to face three months of winter in windy Wellington.

Traditionally, we’ve often been graced with sunshine for the weekend and felt very sorry for Her Royal Majesty that the weather wasn’t so obliging in London – nevertheless the flotilla down the Thames looked an incredible sight, along with the throngs of crowds, cheering, music and singing.

There were a few Union Jack flags flying around Wellington and I enjoyed a cup of tea in my ‘Union Jack’ mug, accompanied by a nice slice of Lamington. I printed off some activity sheets for the girls on the Jubilee and we watched a lovely video tribute of the life of Queen Elizabeth II. But that was as far as our celebrations extended.

The rest of our weekend was left to nature, along with Alice jumping around in her red, white and blue (complete with bright yellow gumboots!).

Alice at Scorching Bay, Wellington

We tried looking for hidden treasure in amongst the rock pools at Scorching Bay.

Looking for treasure - Sophie, Dan & Charlotte at Scorching Bay

Diamonds were lacking, but cats eyes and shells for making jewelry were rife!

Cats eyes and beautiful shells in the rock pools

Sophie provided Pirate protection…

Sophie the pirate!

and we worked off our celebratory ice-creams and coffees with some sport.

Frisbee skills in action

There was a very happy vibe in the air of gratitude for the long weekend, the weather being on top form and the thought of all the celebrations in the UK (I have so loved looking at the photographs of street parties from my home-town of Fleet, and the 2012 ‘Best of British’ Carnival – nice to see my old Tavistock Infant School participating – all dressed up as The Queen’s Guards!).

Happy Day

We hope you had a wonderful weekend, however you spent it!

Cup of tea and a lamington

Here is a lovely tribute to the Queen –

Prince Charles’ personal tribute to his mother the Queen.

The Prince of Wales says Diamond Jubilee offers the chance to celebrate what “the Queen means to us – whether as a nation or as one of her children”.

  • Chicken Grandma

    Thankyou for those pictures and video clips…we watched various bits during the day and decided not to go up to London and got great views of many events from the.comfort of the couch ….on Tuesday evening we are going to a ‘LAST NIGHT OF THE PROMS’  EVENT put on by the lions club  with all proceeds going to charity….should be a good night out. Big hugs to all there.


  • Jen

    wonderful post pleased you had a nice day :)


  • Lien_allnewadventures

    Looks and sounds like you all had a fabulous day. You have a union jack mug? Classic :-)


  • Ahh we had a full four days of Jubilee celebrations this weekend! Nice to see it makes its way over there a little.


    Sarah Reply:

    So thrilled for you – all the celebrations looked incredible. There’s plenty of Royalists here in NZ and there was lots of TV coverage and high teas around the country. :-)


  • elizabethm

    Love the red,white and blue outfit!  We have had wall to wall television about the Jubilee here in the UK but are not complaining.  A Diamond Jubilee is a rare event!