Changing times

Our two computers in the house don’t seem to be enough at the moment. Miss 6 and 9 command them whenever they can – even Miss 2 requests her favourite ‘Starfall Phonics’ or ‘Peppa Pig’. The hours Miss 6 and 9 stay up till at night also encroaches on any blog time I used to have (it’s often 10pm by the time they’re asleep – and I’m often in bed trying to sleep before then – to cope with Miss 2’s random sleep patterns!). The day time is busy with activities and learning with Miss 6 and Miss 2 (not to mention housework!). I don’t have much desire to write at the moment – or to document the chores. I don’t feel the need to write about my youngest child waking me up at crazy hours either (but I’ll be sure to remind her when she’s older!).

So, at the moment I’m enjoying quick fixes of online communication with friends, via status updates on Facebook (mostly) and other people’s views of the world through ‘Instagram‘. These quick fixes are a nice refresher over a cuppa in between the next load of washing, bathroom cleaning, picking up toys and mopping up spilt drinks. I don’t have time (or access to my computer) to read many blogs at the moment, let alone write, but I am still taking photographs and this is one I have to share. It’s a special photo of a meet up with two friends I’ve made through blogging – and this is why we do it – to connect with others, to share our journeys, to inspire and encourage one another with our words, thoughts and pictures.

Blogger friends

I’ve been fortunate to become friends with these two wonderful ladies over a period of time. Cyndi (aka Latte Junkie), in the centre, lives close to Wellington and we’ve met up a couple of times. Jen (of Snapshots) lives in Napier and this is the first time we’ve had the pleasure of Jen’s company (along with her lovely son, Billy) in Wellington.

Over the years I’ve been blogging I’ve met some wonderful people and all have had a lasting impact on my life. As a family we’ve welcomed overseas blogger friends into our home with open arms (fond memories here of the evening we spent in the great company of ‘Vegemitevix‘ and her husband – when they visited New Zealand from the UK). We’ve also opened our home to blogger acquaintances in need of a bed for a night or two (lovely Amanda – from Ohio – who is working hard to make a career in travel writing and blogging, with her great blog ‘A Dangerous Business‘.).

This is why I blog – when I can get near a computer! It’s the connections around the world that I’ve made and continue to make. There are so many bloggers I would love to connect with in person – should I venture to their country or hometown one day. It’s like having a multitude of pen-pals in a whole new way!

My blogger friend Jen and her son Billy, are staying with us all this week in Wellington – so I shan’t be blogging much (far too busy talking face to face – such a treat!). Besides, with another blogger in the house (and her 16 year old, tech savvy son) there’s even more demand for computer access than normal 🙂 I’m having to play fair and share, hee, hee x

Sophie at the sun dial in the Botanical Garden with Billy & Jen