This Friday my Heart is in San Francisco

2007 I was last there. It was the last time I travelled long-haul from NZ to the UK, via San Francisco. I was a mother to two young children – now three. The memories are still very clear and we had a blast (even if we had poor helmet wearing style!). Hubbie is there now and we are missing him so much.

2007 cycling over Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco

We can’t wait for his flight to get into Wellington on Monday morning. Next time he travels we’re going with him!


There’s going to be a lot of hugs on Monday!

This was Sophie – back then – 18 months – recovering from jet-lag, whilst sight seeing, in her Daddy’s arms…



Sarah & your three little *minxes, Charlotte, Sophie & Alice xxx

* “Minxy girls are prone to giggle at themselves and the world and enjoy all of the fun,
odd, delicious, and meowful things that life has to offer.” (Urban Dictionary)