Walk through the tulips with us…

It’s nearly Spring Festival time in Wellington’s Botanical Garden and the tulips are as glorious as ever.

It’s impossible not to smile when faced with all this joyful colour – from bright sunshine gold…


To carpets of pinks…


They always surprise me with their resilience against the seasonal spring battering of Wellington wind and intermittent heavy rains (which played havoc on the roads Monday morning!).


The day after the rains they stood bold and strong in the sunshine, bringing an air of happiness to all who visited them.


Young Alice, two, was in obvious awe at all the colours and fell into a fairy like world of her own as she danced from one bed to another.


Accompanied by her older sister, Sophie – age 6, who has been visiting the gardens every since she was babe in arms – watching the seasons turn, each one bringing its own magic.


Looking for fallen buds and petals to add to her magic potions.


Running barefoot on the grass, arms wide, imagining what it would feel like to fly between the buds of colour, like a butterfly.


Stepping through the gardens, so peaceful, filled with the joys of this season and the excitement of summer days soon to come.


Climbing trees made for fairy like feet…


Peering through branches heavy with blossom…


Being in the moment, aware of every sight, smell and sound – feeling the soft texture of petals scattered on the ground.


These little fairies of mine know how to unlock the secrets of spring in the garden. I’m so thankful for having the time to see into their world and linger there a while.

I hope you enjoyed walking through the tulips with us x