Fishnets – Lyrical Sunday

Latte Junkie posted a photograph as the inspiration for this week’s Lyrical Sunday. I found myself sat in ‘Players’ restaurant, at the end of Pier 39, in San Francisco writing the following poem. My two year old was asleep in the buggy next to me, whilst my six and nine year old had a wonderful time playing on the various arcade machines, winning tickets and choosing prizes. With hubbie working hard, it was nice to have a moment of quiet time with my thoughts.

This poem reflects how I feel about having to leave our home of sixteen years, Wellington – New Zealand, and move to San Francisco next year. There is already so much that is fine about our lives – the only part that hurts is the remoteness of the place I love to live – New Zealand is just too far from the UK. The opportunity for us to move to San Francisco will certainly help to close that gap – but will it be a good fit for us? Will the fishnets snag – or will their silk hold us tight in an exciting and happy new chapter of our lives?


Fishnets, like the web of a dream catcher,
I slipped on their silk, careful not to tear –
hopeful the delicate thread would bear, the
dreams I sought, working like a match-maker.

I’d looked through the net at the prize behind,
knowing the opportunity that was there –
for my husband, my children, my family too –
but could I be brave to seek and find,
what destiny was laying out with care.

My heart wasn’t sold, needed convincing,
there was already so much good before –
But one part of the puzzle had been missing,
could this close that gap, make everything more?

Would the fishnets catch that piece in their web –
close the distance that made my heart stretch far?

© Sarah Lee, 2012


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