Loving the build up to a Sunshine Christmas

Just in case the world does end tomorrow (personally I reckon the Mayan who was writing the calendar decided to knock off for a beer and never got round to writing more dates) I thought I ought to write a quick blog post and wish everyone a very Merry Christmas from us folk in New Zealand (the first to go should it end – unless there’s some scientific researchers down in the Antarctic).

2 Mayan Guys

Here in Wellington, New Zealand, the Pohutukawa trees are blooming with a particularly eye-popping dazzle of red. I can’t remember a year quite like it, but all the trees are looking spectacular and it’s definitely a welcome sign of summer and the holiday season.

Pohutukawa tree in bloom, with Waitangi Park & Mount Victoria in the background

Today the temperature reached 26 degrees (which is on the high end of Wellington’s average summer temperatures). My barefooted girls ran to Te Papa, to seek shade, after a play in the sun became a little too scorchio!

Alice running for cover from the sun - not the wind (for a change)

Alice shelters from the blazing sunshine in Te Papa museum, Wellington

They had a great time, as always, and returned home for a play in the garden, whilst I caught up on laundry (and nipped in the spa pool with a quick beer for a freshen up!).

Three minxes!

This second week of the long summer holidays has definitely been smoother than the first. Charlotte has switched off and is now chilling to the summer groove of late nights and lie ins, as well as getting used to being at home 24/7 with her two younger sisters. It’s great to see them getting on more (and fighting less… though of course they still have their moments!).

There have been…

Sedate moments of jewellery making at ‘Tiger Eye Beads’ on Cuba Street (whilst Miss 2 took a nap in the buggy – would have been a very different scene, far from sedate, had she been awake!).

Energetic mornings of swimming at the local pool (helped by the presence of my sister’s old Uni pal visiting from Christchurch – cheers Pam!).

Thoughtful afternoons, when Charlotte & our neighbours daughter baked, decorated and took Christmas donuts to local friends and neighbours.

Donut greetings

Busy and exciting moments of visiting Father Christmas at Westfield Shopping Centre (Charlotte and Sophie posed for the picture – even though they don’t really ‘believe’ anymore – though when they mention their stockings and I say, ‘Erm, I haven’t got any little bits to fill them with…’ they say, ‘Don’t mention that you and Daddy get the presents, as Santa is supposed to fill the stockings!’).

Visiting Santa 2012

And a lot of monkey bar climbing in the garden (even I got in on the action – trying to do a few chin ups and hang upside down by my legs… lets just say I have a whole new admiration for my little monkeys and a soak in the spa and a beer is a much better way of ‘hanging out’ for this Mama!).

Beer & spa.. then I'll hang the washing :)

A highlight of the week was grabbing some one-on-one time with hubbie too! He took me for a spin in his new toy and a quiet drink in the stunning ‘Roxy Cinema, Bar & Restaurant‘.

Rare one-on-one time for hubbie and I, enjoying a drink at The Roxy

But amongst all the fun my heart has, as always, been with many others suffering in the world. I pray for sense to make this world a better place for all, for peace in hearts and homes, for answers. With hope there will be a little sunshine in everyone’s Christmas this year – even when hope seems hard to find. I pray that sun beams travel far and wide, sharing a little light where it is needed most.

I’d like to wish everyone who reads this little blog a very Happy Holidays and a New Year full of hope, promise and happiness. xx