Loving the last week of the school holidays

Miss 9 returns to school on Monday. She’s all stocked with her stationery booty and has new buttons sewn on her blazer (thanks Granddad – he’s also fixed two door handles, replaced a broken toilet seat and countless other ‘to dos’ around the house!).  She’s been setting her alarm to get in training (hope the enthusiasm lasts at least the first week of term 1!).

Miss 7 is still being ‘home educated’ – along with Miss 2 – so I’m digging out my ‘teacher’ hat and organising our home-school for the year too. She seems keen to get her learning mojo in gear for now – long may that last too!

Getting our learning mojo on!

The man of the house is back at work – and heads overseas to Santa Barbara on Sunday for eight nights (where we’ll likely be relocating, toward the latter half of this year – for now I’m trying to stay ‘in the moment’, as I don’t have my heart set on leaving New Zealand for long).

Grandma & Granddad are still with us from the UK – and I am so grateful for that!

Right now, we are savouring this last, chilled week of not having to be anywhere at a set time.

Loving time to enjoy breakfast…

Pancake breakfast

and time to play in the spa pool…


Loving time to fly kites, in a lush, bush lined, valley near our home…

Kite flying in Houghton Valley

and sharing lingering, lunches at one of our favourite Wellington cafes – The Chocolate Fish…

Chocolate Fish lunching

Loving time for stories…

Stories with Granddad and Alice

and countryside drives around greater Wellington, to see wind put to good use
at the West Wind farm in Makara.

Makara wind farm - West wind - Meridian Energy

Loving these electric cars for hire at Frank Kitts park on Wellington’s waterfront:

Electric cars at Frank Kitts park

Loving the little things too – like having time to make beds, do out cupboards and get rid of stuff!

Most of all, I am loving feeling of being a little ‘saner’, what with Mum and Dad here to give me ‘breathing space’ and time for little runs by the sea.

Hope you’ve found something to love this week. This video from the H2O Extreme Pool, we visited earlier in the week, definitely made me smile!

Have a great weekend x