Prose for Thought – A game of words



When from the past he came,
Inviting her to play a game,
She didn’t think of danger.

The letters on the board,
That looked innocent at first,
Started to bring about a thirst.

Like fortune cards on a table,
The letters told a story,
That wound her on a cable.


The spell started to settle.
A volcano awakened,
Feelings buried, now exploded.

He realised his mistake,
Running from the crater lake.
The letters came down like bombs.

A heart searing explosion,
Made his words take cover.
Leaving a deafening void,
of silence for his lover.

She smoulders in the ashes,
Missing his letters & words.
The fire reignited.

Her letters and words still come,
Though the game seems to be done.
She will wait with anticipation,
Of a rematch, one day…

© Sarah Lee, 15th April 2013

Prose for Thought

  • Victoria Welton

    This is brilliantly written and holds so many meanings. I love poems that make you think outside the box and this is definitely one of them. Thank you so much for linking to Prose For Thought. New link every Thursday xx


    Sarah Reply:

    Thanks Victoria and delighted to have come across your creative space! x