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My poem this week sums up the feelings that many of us, especially parents, feel in any week. Life is a roller-coaster and some weeks there seems to be a little more fluctuation than others on the way. I’ve had so much on my mind and sometimes I find reading the news doesn’t help to ease it. However, I have been out, for a spell by myself, for a run – which helped immensely – and that’s where this poem came from.


I’m having one of those weeks, of troughs and peaks.
Subtle changes make me swing to and fro,
When I see the light it’s luminescent,
But the flip side is dark, without a vent.

Houghton Bay, rain on the horizon over the Interislander ferry

I battle with my mind for perspective,
Go running on the beach, to feel alive.
A moment of freedom, from being needed.
Taking a power up from the Universe.

Arms that usually love, nurture, hold and care,
Pump strong, feeling bare, free into the air.

© Sarah Lee, 9 May 2013

Invisible_a poem_Lyall Bay Beach

Thanks for reading. I tend to see life in extremes – rather than on a flat road.
I have been taking a lose dose of anti-depressents for a few years to help even out the extremes –
but occasionally I still find the see-saw swings quite wild! I love the ‘highs’ though!


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