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My poem this week sums up the feelings that many of us, especially parents, feel in any week. Life is a roller-coaster and some weeks there seems to be a little more fluctuation than others on the way. I’ve had so much on my mind and sometimes I find reading the news doesn’t help to ease it. However, I have been out, for a spell by myself, for a run – which helped immensely – and that’s where this poem came from.


I’m having one of those weeks, of troughs and peaks.
Subtle changes make me swing to and fro,
When I see the light it’s luminescent,
But the flip side is dark, without a vent.

Houghton Bay, rain on the horizon over the Interislander ferry

I battle with my mind for perspective,
Go running on the beach, to feel alive.
A moment of freedom, from being needed.
Taking a power up from the Universe.

Arms that usually love, nurture, hold and care,
Pump strong, feeling bare, free into the air.

© Sarah Lee, 9 May 2013

Invisible_a poem_Lyall Bay Beach

Thanks for reading. I tend to see life in extremes – rather than on a flat road.
I have been taking a lose dose of anti-depressents for a few years to help even out the extremes –
but occasionally I still find the see-saw swings quite wild! I love the ‘highs’ though!


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Prose for Thought
  • Sammy

    This is beautiful Sarah x


  • ChickenGrandma

    Take care precious and big hugs…good on you getting a run in and enjoying some me time…thinking of you heaps.


  • steph

    lovely words :)
    keep up the running, very theraputic :)


  • Victoria Welton

    This is really beautiful Sarah. Life can be so very hard and one moment, things can be going brilliantly and all of sudden change! I love the freedom of time by myself too – it’s not often but you can really make the most of it :). Thank you so much for linking up to Prose For Thought again, I hope life treats you well next week xx


  • Judith Kingston

    Yes yes yes! Oh how I need to feel free right now! Had a hellish day and it is just as you describe, that feeling of being constantly needed. It’s nice to be needed but sometimes you just want to be by yourself and feel strong bare and free.


  • Dragonsflypoppy

    Oh I love this so much. That freedom and liberation of being invisible to it all. I’ve been meaning to write something around the theme of invisible; having read this I’m not sure I could do it as much justice. Lovely xx


  • Helen Braid

    Oh I’d love to run on that beach Sarah! I love how you have imposed the poem onto that beautiful photograph. Gorgeous free words x


  • Chicken Grandma

    All fine here and off to sleep……garden looking good and a joy to see after a few hours hard work and planting…..full of colour and some of your favourite Grandmas cosmos in their glory in situ.